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Price is for one pack (12pcs).

Simulation and training grenade with an active pin for use in military sports games of airsoft, military reconstructions and safe obtaining skills in handling the grenade type RGD-5.

- Case material - ABS plastic.

- Filler - white chalk.

- Delay after initiation - 3,5-4,2 sec.

- Audio pressure no more than 120 dB.

- Safety clamp -active.

- Mass -140 grams (+/- 5%).

- Pyrotechnic class - 3

- Quantity in package - 12 pcs.

- Waterproof - IP66 (not afraid of rain and short-term immersion in water).

- Stored for 12 months

- Produced in Ukraine!

 Instructions for use:

1) To use, take the grenade in your right hand so that your fingers press the lever against the body.

2) With the index finger of the hand reach into the ring of the cotter pin and pull the pin. The grenade can continue to remain in the hand for as long as you like, so long as the lever is not released.

3) After selecting the target and the appropriate timing, throw the grenade at the target. At this point the lever under the influence of the firing pin spring will return, releasing the firing pin and fly away with a characteristic popping sound and after 3.5-4.2 seconds an explosion will occur.

 Warning: This is a pyrotechnical product of the 3rd class. It is important to observe safety precautions! Approval for adult persons 18+. Before using make sure that people around you and you have eye protection. We recommend the use of gloves. Use the product only on designated playgrounds. Do not carry it around and do not scare people! Store in a dry, ventilated room in a hard-to-reach place away from children! Product is disposable - do not disassemble!

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